Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16 ~ Something You Could Live Without

Hi Y'all! This "30 Day Challenge" takes longer than 30 days when you take breaks... FAIL! >_<

Day 16 ~ Something You Could Live Without

I could live without these fools. They are GROSS. I never met one until I moved to Atlanta.... They are awful. They are FAST! They don't walk, they like scuttle, it's like a wobble walk. These fools can't really walk straight. There antennas are longer then my Malaysian hair extensions. Oh and they can FLY!! 
Unlike regular nasty roaches these fools travel solo, usually.... YES they are roaches! I'm scared to death of them so I did my research. So far in my new apartment I've only seen them on my patio. I keep a can of raid near my patio for the occasional one that tries to roll up on my property.

I have the exterminator spray the perimeter of my apartment weekly when it's warm and now that it's getting cold, it'll be bi-weekly or monthly. I also applied Boric Acid around the perimeter of my patio and my entire apartment... 
Blessing in a bottle!

So yeah, I can live without WATER BUGS, AMERICAN COCKROACHES, PALMETTO BUGS or whatever you want to call them. 

Luv Y'all!!
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Kizzy said...

You HAD to post that big picture, huh?