Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10 ~ A Picture of Something You Ate & 10 Confessions

Hi Y'all!
  How am I only on Day 10 of this challenge? It doesn't say anywhere that it has to be a perfect 30 days in a row. Right?
Day 10 ~ A Picture of Something You Ate & 10 Confessions

I ate some of this today!
nom nom nom
I put the rest in the freezer....... I have to stop making random things in my kitchen. 

10 Confessions....
Father Forgive Me......

  • The first time I made Peach Cobbler, I forgot to add the milk and I made a hot peach mess.
  • I'm still upset and feel so guilty that I had to end up choosing adoption for Chloe. I leave her ball on the carpet in case she comes back..
  • Having my own place is great, but it gets soo lonely sometimes.
  • I keep telling my mom that I wanna come home, but I don't. I want her to come here. It's to cold in CT..
  • I'm not wearing pants right now..
  • I drank 3 Coke Zero Vanillas today..
  • I listen to Wacka Flocka in my car.. I have a secret #hoodrat crush on him. Like we could date but I couldn't bring him around the family...  Leave 'em STANKIN'...
  • Jaimie is a dirty lil' hampster hamster! Were going to be the same person for Halloween!! Wahhh
  • Everytime I look in a full length mirror at home I do a lil booty pop dance & wished it was a little bigger....


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Mets GirLL said...

I did a booty pop dance too and wish that I had any butt at all lol.