Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Update Per Bombchell.

Hey y'all!!! I'm updating!!!! My really bossy friend Bombchell says I should. She bribed me!!! Leaving me comments about going to Ultimate with me on Wednesday night for CRAB LEGS.... $4.99 1lb crab legs spring my behind to action (it's my inner fatty).....  They also have $2 drinks :)

I do miss blogging... I'll be honest.. I'm so DEPRESSED..... My job hunting email inbox is full of emails that begin with "We regret to inform you that did not select you for the position applied for...." I figure that if they were interested they would CALL ME! I don't need to read 10+ of those we regret to inform you messages a day. I figured that they weren't interested because they did not call me. The auto email is an extra slap in the face. It hurts my soul :(
 I need to find a job down here soon... Before my unemployment runs out or I may have to pack up and move back to CT *FAIL* Or I can stay here and find a spot under a bridge or something........
Know what else hurts my soul?. Getting rejected from Chic-fil-a, Publix, Target, & WalMart... I even pretend to be under-qualified and the interviewer can tell that I'm overqualified and that it would be a risk to hire me because I would leave when something better comes along....... Put your stupid crystal ball down & deal with today!!!!!!

In the style of my NuNu Dollie....
10 Random Quickies
1. I've giving up on foundation.... It's to hot to bother with.. Don't wanna waste my MUFE ;) I use Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer and some bronzer and a little blush (my fav blush at the moment is MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful.
2. I'm addicted to half wigs! I own 6!!! More on that in an upcoming post.
3. I think me and my gay boyfriend broke up........
4. Ms. Chloe Suga Mama is 7months old!!
5. I'm lemming for some new makeup to add to my 'stash'..........
6. I finally found a card reader that can read Sony DUO Memory Sticks w/o an adapter so I can use my camera again :)
7. My mommy got a Netbook!!! I can stalk her on Skype :)
8.  My dad got a Netbook too!!! He can stalk me on Skype :)
9. I'm really annoyed right now b/c my room is clean and my stupid 3 hole punch decided to open and decorate my room with confetti *FAIL*
10. I can't sleep.... All the job stress is eating away at me :(

Luv Y'all!!
   Mean It!

6 ♥Say Something♥:

Vanessa M. said...

awe love i was right there last year love. but dont worry itll happen. i applied EVERYWHERE booksotre, gas stores, libriary shit places i hoped i wouldnt get hired in lol

Bombchell said...

don't worry we'll eat the pain away & stuff our faces with crab legs.

8 & 9 are really hilarious.

This is a hard time but I know you'll find a great job that would love to have you, and this hard time would just be a memory. *huge hugs* you wont be emo for long :)

Bombchell said...

lol i forgot to add

your really bossy friend - ha ha

Mets GirLL said...

I'm sorry things have been going so crappy. I think some of those friggin stores need to get off their high horse!

Things will turn around soon..good things happen to good people, sometimes it just takes a while <3

MMM said...

If you haven't already I would check for upcoming job fares in the area. Maybe that could help.

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