Monday, November 16, 2009

Product Review: Remington Curl Envy

Hi Y'all!!  Two product reviews in a row. From the girl with no money, lol! The temptation is KILLING me! All of the holiday sets are out and I WANT to HAUL.
Hot curlers have been on my mind for weeks... I don't know why.  I feel like I spend so much time curling my hair everyday and I'm not about pink foam rollers at night... It's bad enough that I sleep with a satin scarf on my head! Like what if the house caught on fire? I need to run out, not take off my scarf and ditch the rollers.  I WILL NOT be that lady standing outside with rollers in my hair.

HELL to the NOOO

It takes me about 20 minutes to curl my hair with my beloved curling iron.  I wanted to try hot curlers so I can set my hair and then do my makeup then take them down. Mutlitask!!!
I got the Remington Curl Envy Set from WalMart.  I'm sorry I live in the south now I mean "the SUPER WALMART". I went to WalMart last night after I went out to get some "pink stuff" b/c my tummy bothering me, and the tummy stuff is near the hair stuff.  So I just got the damn thing! I've been eying it and was tired of playing games! So I snatched it! $21.99 holla in my broke a$$ budget.

  • It comes with 20 velvet tangle-free rollers.  (I have a lot of hair I might need another set or a half set, lol) 
  • Ionic Conditioning 
  • Exclusive Wax Core
  • 3 roller sizes 
  • Cool-touch end rings
  • on-indicator light <-- Thanks!
  • Ready Dot
  • Easy Match Comfort Clips (The clip color matches the roller, if you can't figure out how to match colors you FAIL in life)

Product Review

Bottom Line....
My hair came out really nice!!!  It was like 5am and I went to sleep, lol! But I'm going to give this thing another chance b/c I liked the final result and maybe once I get the hang if it and learn to set my hair faster
I'll like it better.  I'm also going to to Beauty Supply Store to see if I can buy generic clips b/c I HATE the clips the set came with. 
I give the Remington Curl Envy 3.5 /5 ♥♥♥♥ <- I don't know how to make a half of heart!

Tomorrow November 17th  is my Bloggerversary!!!!!  I expect cake, Hello Kitty Ballons and Strawberry Dragonfruit Barcardi!!!!

Luv Y'all
   Mean It!

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wuzzyangel said...

Kendall you look great even without makeup on! LOL! Running out of the house! If you have the scarf it shouldn't be that bad! LOL!

Nice review! Thanks for letting us actually see it in your hair! LOL love your annotations! And the curls came out beautiful! LOL if you can't match colors! HA!!

Kizzy said...

Great review! The annotations were funny. Especially the one where you said that you had bought the hair...hehe! :-D

Alyssa is the Queen. said...

I wanna send you a present!
I love your blog.

Vanessa M. said...

rawr! looking good babe!

Ethereal Prey said...

now i wanna run out to walmart and get these! but i cut my hair so short! *cry( ok, time to get extensions! then I can use them! LOL! i'm gonna go get a bucket o lard while i'm at walmart!