Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Got an Award! ♥ & I Almost was ATTACKED!

Hi Y'all I got an award from Alyssa!  Her blog is a must read!!!!  It was so sweet of her to pass the award to me.

Yay! I got an award! *does the cabbage patch & running man* It's always nice to get things :)
I got my award from MzPangee (go read her blog it's Fab)
The Rules:

1. Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 8 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I will now pass it on to 8 girls whose blogs I are FABULOUS!

  1. Melissa- Fabulously Thrifty  ~ She took away my swapping virginity.  
  2. Tammy- Not A Rich Girl ~ She's a Latina blogger with mucho sabor!!
  3. Nu- NuNu Dolly ~ She makes the cutest fishy faces!!! 
  4. Jaimie- Just Kiss & Makeup ~ She's aight, but she didn't tweet me back today about meeting me at the Perimeter Mall. She also let me reap the benefits of her MAC ProCard that time...
  5. Katrina- L.KO ~ She's hott! She's also super sweet and makes me smile :)
  6. Wuzzy- The Rants & Ramblings of A Nobody ~ She lives in Hawaii & she loves me sooo I'm her Popolo.
  7. Katie- Cocktail Smarty ~ She's the Smarty and lives under me (geographically)
I must go and catch up on my school work....  I had an incident last night involving a dangerous knocked up spider.  So this a$$hole spider crawls across the couch and onto the floor.  I scream and get ready to attack.  It crawled into the hole of the barrel of my curling iron.... So I take a cloth thingy to block the hole of barrel.... Then just sat there full of fear for about 20mins......

Then I decided it was time for action...... So I got my mini vac and dumped him and sucked that sucker up!!!!
From Blogger Uploads

Problem.... SHE DIDN'T die!!  That spider b!tch was crawling around in the see thru filter of the mini vac.....

From Blogger Uploads

So I did what any sensible person would of done....  Tweeted and called people for help!!!!!  Since nobody could come help me, I ran down the street with the mini vac, took out the filter and ran back home. Then @XTIIINA reminded later that I should go get my vacumm before somebody jacked it.... 
So this was my 3rd southern bug sighting, and I had enough, I was on Expedia looking for the next flight out (I live right by the airport).  I found a 1:15 non-stop to JFK.. Then my savior cousin Krissy called and calmed me down and I missed the flight........  

I swear it was a brown recluse.........

I don't deal with bugs that have their own websites!

Brown Recluse Spiders can survive six months without food or water, hidden in their lairs during daytime and roaming at night.  <---  That's soooo messed up!

Luv Y'all!!
   Mean It!!!

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DSK Steph said...

Hey Kendall, how have you been? Miss you!

wuzzyangel said...

dude that's whack! LOL! BUt I'm glad you're okay with no bites! And Tina made an excellent point! I'd jack a vacuum! LOL! J/K! Thank you for my award!!


Rai said...

WTF! That HUGE SPIDER?! I never seen something like that here.

Mimilainna said...

lmao so i get hated on cuz I didnt retweet! girl texting is a better way to get a hold of me cuz I always forget to check twitter. and HUSH you LOVE ME!

PiinkCupcakez said...

LMAO about your spider encounter!
i love how u handled the situation
i def. would've done the same thing lol