Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Moving!

Hi Y'all!! People keep asking me if I "still really want to move to ATL because it's like all flooded."
Sorry but I'm not going to let a big ass flood make me change my mind.  So yes y'all! I'm still leaving on Oct. 10th! I may have to get a canoe but I'm going.  Mother Nature is everywhere & shes' not stopping me!!!

*Photo credit- CNN

*Photo credit- CNN

*Photo credit- CNN
 Besides I'm leaving on the 10th.. I'm sure everything will be fine down there by then.

Luv Y'all!
      Mean It!

P.S. My ATL Blog is almost done!!! I hope to reveal it very soon.......

6 ♥Say Something♥:

wuzzyangel said...

Damn I didn't realize how bad it was down there! I hope everyone you know is safe!

GL with moving still!! :)

KiLLaCaM said...

good luck mamas! make sure you wrap your lucious locks up so they dont frizz! love you blogger beauties! haven't blogged all week but I'm still lurking :)

Tammy said...

OMG..I had no clue it was that bad!!!!
You sure you wanna move..??? =P

Vanessa M. said...

eep! scary! youll make it all better :)

motorcycle clothing said...

i agree with Tammy... its really very bad... why are you moving...?

paperdollrevenge said...

Damn woman! Kind of crazy! But I hope it works out okay. Have a great party this weekend and be safe!!