Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box-Sept. '09, FOTN & A Baby!!!

Hi Y'all!!!  Just wanted to do a review of what I received in my Pretty Pink Box this month.  I attempted to make a video and it's super cheesy. 
I have bad "cam etiquette" I say "and" like 4,700 times, I fidget, I play with my hair, I stare into space....

*The Goods*

Paint Fx- Sunbloom  

Orglamix- Snow 

Passion Peel Off Mask

MARK Perfume Sample - Sophistique 

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes

 Kiss Everlasting French

Nailene French Tip Pen (Black)

October's Pretty Pink Box will be available Wed. 10/7 at 7am PST/ 10am EST.... I don't know what to do y'all! I'm moving on the 10th!!!  Maybe I'll have my October box sent to my cousins house in ATL.....

*Ladies Night FOTD*
It's like seriously fall here :(, not happy about that.  I'm still in the mood for my "summer colors"!  It was like 49 degrees out last night.  That's straight up sad....  I had to wear real shoes and look at my cute summer shoes and *sigh*
I was going for a mauve-ish/plum look...

Whats with the stank face???? This soo looks like a mug shot but with hair & makeup done....

My sister/cousin Krissy welcomed a new family member on Friday September 5th at 12:47pm. He weighed in at 6lbs 9oz.....
Dameon L. Simmons II


Damia & her new baby brother!!!!

 Luv You! Mean It!


7 ♥Say Something♥:

wuzzyangel said...

Yay for MPPB!! WHOOOOO!!! I have bad "cam etiquette " too! LOL!

Lovin the FOTD! LOL! Stank face! HA!! A hawt looking mug shot if it is one! LOL!

Congrats to your cousin!! Dameon is sooo cute! :)

Jasmin said...

Cute!! Awesome goodies. I keep hearing about My Pretty Pink Box. Awww.. Congrats to the new member of the fam. Adorable!

Sofee said...

all u got is so the nailpen and congrat on the new addition to the family he is adorable

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Tammy said...

I love your makeup in the video, it's really fresh looking.

The new addition is such a cutie!

Mets GirLL said...

I love your hair pinned back like that! Tres cute..I can't believe you're moving SO soon-Wow!

That baby is so friggin adorable! Congrats!

Miss you <3

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