Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy Ass Apartment Search!

Hi Y'all!!!  One of the things that's stressing me out the most about moving down to ATL is apartment hunting!!!
When I was down there in July I decided that I wanted to live in the Perimeter/Dunwoody area. Of course my broke behind had to pick one of the more expensive parts of ATL.... Well there are like a zillion apartment complexes down there. I don't know where people in CT live but there aren't as many apartment complexes up here. I literally became a crazy ass person, looking for a place.  Then while I was on I found out about a company called PROMOVE.  You email them and they call you and you tell them what part(s) your interested in, your budget, and any other criteria.  Then they email you a customized profile.  There services are free! They just ask that when you fill out a lease agreement you write that PROMOVE referred you. Drew (my Promove rep.) is really helpful and meet all my criteria!  He also told me to STOP SEARCHING on the internet & to stay off of! I'm obsessed with  I like have to cross-reference everything I read on there.  I also have to realize something that I know because I'm a marketer.  Happy people are less likely to take the time to write a review. Why write a review if your happy?  Angry people!! They will write a review.  So Drew told me that not all but some reviews are from evicted tenets and rental properties bashing each other.....  So based on my 'criteria' and Drew's profile I've narrowed down my choices to the following.

These are some of my favorites based on Drew's profile and my own research..

River Crossing

Quiet and well managed. Right across from the Chattahoochee National Park. Washer/dryer connections. Fitness Center, Jogging Trails, and Tennis Courts.

Dunwoody Ridge 

Washer/dryer provided. Great location and walking distance to Marta train station. 

Avistele at Glenridge

Look-n-lease within 24 hrs and you can take $250 off the 1st full month, get a year's free maid service OR get a washer/dryer.  Offers non, partial and full renovations including black/stainless appliances and granite counter tops. Awesome community and I love the poolside cabana w/ gas grill!

 Point At Perimeter
W/D included! 

Archstone Dunwoody Court

Sun rooms!

Those are my some of my  favs within my budget & criteria. My PROMOVE custom profile had about 20 or so different properties so when I get down there in a few weeks my search will be a lot less hectic!  So what's my criteria????

1# Safety!  This is my first place & I'll be solo so safety is important, and I'm willing to pay a a little more to live in a nicer neighborhood.

2# My unit can't be on the 1st level! Nope Units on the 1st level are more prone to break-in's and I don't want people on top of me. I like to be on top.....

3# W/D on the property. Drew bumped it up a notch for me. Every property has w/d in the facility. Drew named places in my budget with w/d IN THE UNIT!!!!! Heyyyyy!!!  If I don't select a unit with a w/d, all of the units in my profile have a space for w/d and connections!  My friend Brooke who lives in Dunwoody gave me the name of a company that leases w/d and Drew confirmed that they are affordable and great to work with named Appliance Warehouse of America, Inc.

Luv Y'all!!! 
     Mean It!

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Bombchell said...

wow goodluck with the search! I'm sure you'll love wherever u pick!!

omg and we could do a blogger housewarming party or something.

wuzzyangel said...

Yes SAFETY FIRST!! I don't want nuttin happening to my Popolo!! LOL You would be on TOP! LOL! :)

But the pics look pretty good. I just hope it delivers in person!

Tia said...

You're not in Atlanta, yet for me to say, "Welcome to the A!" I'm sure you'll love living in Atlanta, esp. in the Dunwoody and Perimeter areas. There's always something going on over there! I was born and raised in GA and I still love Atlanta to this day, despite any bashes on the city or eventually get use to the lifestyle! I can't wait to hear more about your moving date. Hope you find that perfect apartment and good luck with everything, babes!!

Mimilainna said...

i love your layout, it looks really good. im glad you figured out the problems you were having with it. as far as apartments go, just find one close to gwinnett!

Vanessa M. said...

apt hunting sounds hard blol

paperdollrevenge said...

Good luck with everything!! You must be so excited for your big move!

Nu Nu Dollie said...

I hope you find the apartment of your dreams girl!!! <3 I am so visiting :)

vbutler said...

Dunwoody/Perimeter is the best place to move!!!! Most apts down here have W/D's in them, so you're in luck!!

Ke said...

Yay Kendall-kinns I see that your apartment search is going really good me and the hubby will be in GA in November so maybe you all can meet when we come