Monday, August 31, 2009

Maxwell's Pre-Grand Opening & FOTN

Hi, y'all!!!  Miss me?? I hope y'all like my new layout!!  It's almost done, I have a little bit more "tweaking" to do.  It's driving me damn crazy.  If you like my banner and want one for yourself.  Hit up my Ace Boon Coon Ms. Jaimie and she'll make you a new pretty banner in like a day!!!  Just talk to her and send her an email with your blog name, your style, images you want in it and BOOM! New banner for only $15!! She's hella quick too.
I've been crazy busy with finals and my freelance marketing gig!!!  Maxwell's Sports Bar-Grill had its Pre-Grand Opening this past Saturday and it went so well!!!  I'm so happy.  All of the hours of planning paid-off! The place was packed!!!  I only used non-paid advertising! Twitter & Facebook!!! Social media does work, so professor D-bag is soo wrong and he's steering his students in the wrong direction by arguing with my otherwise....
The owner is my old boss & friend Tina and she always wanted to open a restaurant/catering business!  It sucks that I'm moving in a month or so because there's finally somewhere not lame to hang out in Danbury.

View from the front
View from the side door of the "Green" they have free concerts there during the summer.
Food Porn

 More Food Porn

Cute Bar Tender
Kendall Bar Cam

If your in the area and want to meet up I'll be there on Friday & Sat. nights!!!
If your a CT Beauty Blogger I'm thinking about holding a CT Pow-Wow in the VIP room, so let me know if your interested so I see if there's any interest.
I'm also thinking about hosting my Bon Voyage to ATL party in the VIP room on Oct. 3rd if it's not booked for that night.

Here's my FOTN!!  Guess what y'all???  I didn't wear purple!!!!!  I attempted a smokey pink eye...
 Pink not Purple.....
I don't know why I look pissed?
For my eyes I used the following stuff:
Two Faced Shadow Insurance - Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil- Strawberry Milk (lids)
MAC- Swish & Sushi Flower & Girlie (lids, inner corner, lower lashline)
MAC- All That Glitters (highlight)
Urban Decay- Oil Slick (crease & outer corners)
MARK- Get In Line Liquid Liner - Painted Black (upper lashline)
Urban Decay- 24/7 Pencil- Zero (outer half of water line)
Ardell Lashes- (sorry can't find box, but I did find the lashes in my wallet today)
Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara
On my face I used:
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fluid Concealer 
MAC Studio Fix NW50
MAC Bronzer - Refined Deeper Bronze
MAC MSF- Gold Deposit (attempted highlighting & contouring)
MAC Blush - Loverush & Sweet As Cocoa
On my lips I used:
MARK Juice Gems- Berryliscious 
MAC- Lipglass- Style Warrior
I'm out!!!  Gotta work on my marketing plan for this week and do some extra credit work for one of my classes.... >_<
Luv Ya!
    Mean It!

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Sher said...

mmm fooood! I hate when I dont use a certain colout but in the end it looks totally different! the FOTD still looks nice :)

wuzzyangel said...

Congrats on the success of Grand Opening! :) Your proff is a doof! LOL! Haha!! Cute bartender! LOL!

Mmmmm them sandwiches look NOM NOM NOM!! And you were GORGEOUS!! Loving this pink smokey eye on you! :)

GL with the rest of your classes this week! :)

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

You look goorrrrjuzz! And I adore the new layout!! ABC Power!! luv ya girly!

DSK said...

gimme some fries!

verina oei said...

the bartender caught my eye !
i love ur fotd ,so jealous!:)

Nu Nu Dollie said...

Oh hello Mr. Bartender! lmao. You always sneak pics of men! I swear you should be a spy!!! Your new layout is so cute and so you! Don't you love Jaimie? Girl's got skills! I love love love your smokey eyes omg. I am like flipping out! DO MY MAKE UP ONE DAY :( lol

KiLLaCaM said...

hello buff bartender man! he's seriously a cutie! that fotd is sexy! i love the pink on the lid.

Yumeko said...

if i ever make it back to CT , i hope to go to a blogger meet there! <3

Tammy said...

Now I want fries!! It's ALL your fault!!! =P

Yummy bartender man!!!

Keep me in the loop about any Pow Wows..I'll try my best to be there. =)

btw--Yuengs & Wings is on Wed night, we've taken a bit of a break though. We're thinking about going again during the middle of the month. I'll let you know. =)

Mets GirLL said...

OMG I'm so hungry and now even hungrier! I LoVe your hair in the pic, I want to run my fingers through it lol. <3

Lyn said...

eyes look hot girl! That food looks so yummy! The sandwich looks juicy!

Bombchell said...

love the header!!! & the new colors.

lol u wrong for ur previous test post lol