Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Finally Got Some.......

Hi Y'all!!! I finally got some DSK Jewelry!!!! I wanted something that would "pop" against brownskin, lol..... So I IM'ed Steph and we discussed the details. Steph is soooo nice!!! She answered all of my questions. I'm allergic to nickel and pretty much anything that isn't made of real sterling silver or high quality gold, and she didn't mind my questions at all and I made a new IM friend :)

Pretty Box!!!
Yes, she included candies, but I kinda ate them all......
Beautiful!!! I'm so obessed with my necklace......

I've also been hauling.... Clothes!!! I really have NOTHING to wear.... I spent the last 3 summers with my ex and we rarely went anywhere except for tractor shows *yawn*....
... So in an effort to celebrate my new single playa status I need cute stuff to wear out!!! I have such a problem finding cute going out clothes that fit me... I'm very ummm well endowed in the upper boobie area and my umm cups overflow out of tops.... So since I'm a 14 I can fit into the smallest size of plus sized clothing and that seems to have solved my problem and my retarded brain likes being the smallest plus size..... I know, I'm a werido.....
This haul is all from Great Glam. I love this store! It's my second order from them and there clothes are super affordable! I think all their clothes are between $12-$25, which is fine by me for going out clothes..... I took the pics at a weird angle so everything looks really long, also the neon color wrist bands on the clothes are there so you don't play it cheap and wear their stuff out to the club then try to return them.

This one looks weird hanging but cute when worn & filled with bosom..

This one is a top, not a dress....This one is a dress..... I don't know if I can pull it off.... I'm scurred...

I don't know what's up with this dress, they sent to to me for "free" bc I spent over $100.... It kinda reminds me of something I'd wear to Studio 54 and the Disco Era, my mom has one like it made of the same material. The tag says that its slightly imperfect, but I can't find any thing wrong with it. I'll hang on to it.....Oh, I also finally gave in and got me some leggings. Yeah like 2 years too late. I've been secretly fighting leggings... I must say, my booty looks kinda cute in them!!!

Playboy, my wild lawn bunny is still missing.......... I saw another bunny in my neighbors lawn but it wasn't Playboy, this bunny was bigger had a full cotton tail.... Also Playboy has a white patch of fur on his head.. :(

Blame It on the Bacardi.....

I would also like to thank the following ladies for listening to my drunken debauchery on Saturday night... I really shouldn't be allowed near technology when under the influence....Seriously take my Blackberry away from me..

Holly Ann Aeree ~ Thank you for telling me that it was not a good idea to tell my ex what I really thought of him at 3am! XoXo

Mrs. Kalilia
~ For letting me bother you, and checking to make sure I was ok..... XoXo

Tammy ~ Thanks for textin' & checkin' on me :) XoXo

I can't remember who else I harassed but ♥ and thank you..... I will never drink 1/2 of bottle of Bacardi Strawberry Dragonfruit Rum again.... It's just not healthly.... I'm not in college anymore, I have to worry about stuff like my liver now.... :)

Oh, I finally did a real BlogTV, before my company arrived on Saturday night!!! Umm, I was already a little twisted so I don't remember who dropped by but I think Lady L, Vannessa, & Tammy,! Oh and my friend Brooke who is stuyding abroad in London this summer!!!!

I'll leave you with my LOTD from today..... It's a little soft and neutral and not to exciting, it's still raining 24/7 here so I'm just not a happy camper :( It woulda looked so much better with lashes but I only went to Bagelman today, so I wasn't doing lashes to dine at Bagelman.....

Blogger is being difficult and keeps uploading this pic wrong so turn your heads...

MAC Paint Pot - Fresco Rose
MAC Girlie- lid
NYX - Root Beer -crease
NYX- Antique Gold - highlight
Urban Decay 25/7 Liner- Zero
Mascara - Loreal Voluminous & Katie B. Faux Lash
MAC Lipglass - Stlye Warrior

Thanks for reading my word vomit! I have to get back into "educational" mode.... I have to write a marketing proposal for my "fictional" product, which isn't really "fictional"..... I "invented" an eyeliner pencil with a sharper attached to the cap.... Thanks to my Pretty Pink Box for inspiring my "fictional" product, my Professor is a dude! I'm a busy person, I don't have time to sit here and invent sh!t, I just wanna do the project, so I gave up on the inventing part..... shhhhh


19 ♥Say Something♥:

Anonymous said...

Heheeh you are cute!

-Nice necklace!
-Nice hoochie clothing haul!!!
-Great idea that they put those neon thingys on each item. They should do that to all stuff out in the stores too cuz I swear one time I bought a top and it smelled like nasty sweat and perfume!! >_<

-Glad you are ok. Next time , i am going to keep my ears and eyes open to when ur drunk..then Im going to bust out a blog sale. =D

ekimura said...

Hi sweets

you got DSK love too!! looks lovely on your! :D awww playboy bunny is so cute looks like same kind of rabbit as the one I took so cute I hope you find it again! your lips are so juicy and so sexy XD

wuzzyangel said...

First off... Got my new lappie so I can now be in on this druken internet debauchery! Glad the gals were there for ya! :)

Ohhh you got a starfish & a heart!! Where's the pic of you wearing it?! I wanna see my Popolo model DSK!!! Steph is one of the greatest isn't she?! :)

Gorgeous neutral look!! And the Style Warrior makin your lips all sexified!! :)

I hope Playboy shows up soon!

Askmewhats said...

girl girl girl! I so love your DSK jewelry, I've been lemming those but stopped myself from purchasing as I wonder how the postal office locally would do if they see cute jewelries? Maybe..not send it to me? lol

K said...

Ooooh nice necklace!

I agree - they should have those neon things on all clothes. People who wear them to clubs and then return them are NASTY!!!!

Love your lips!

Vanessa M. said...

nice haul and mm i love your big juicy lip pix!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Ooh la la! Loving the jewels...heading to DSK stat :-)!

Iyah said...

The necklace looks gorgeous on you!!! and love all the clothing items you got! :D

KiLLaCaM said...

i LOVE that first dress! very boho chic of you!

that necklace is freaking awesome and i think i may need to get one soon.

Miss.Fortune said...

oh wow that necklace is beautiful
ur pretty too mama

Jasmin said...

love the necklace!!! Cute clothes as well.

" KT " said...

OoOo you DID get some -- btw you finished building that raft yet for Hawaii, I'll bring the shot glass =)

Yumeko said...

wooooo i am loving those gorgeous new clothes sexy lady!!
i cant wait to hear the adventures u are going to have in them HEEHEEE

Iyah said...

Nope, no more BB Storm for me. I was so frustrated on how slow everything is and how it keeps on freezing plus I can't even access the application store because I'm AT&T so I sold it. :)

Mets GirLL said...

I love the clothing haul..sexxxy girl!

I also love the look on you. Neutrals suit you so well.

P.S. Glad you found your purse ;)

M said...

i really like your LOTD! the eye makeup really brings out your eyes

DSK said...

Kendall! I'm going to name that necklace combination after you ^_~

I likes it :P

Danggg girl you went shoppin'! ;)

Love you AIM buddy!!!


Sher said...

the 2nd dress is hot! that necklace is also soo perfect for the summer!

paperdollrevenge said...

Pretty necklace, the colors really pop on your skin! And that's a nice clothes haul! Your LOTD looks really sweet too!