Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopped Out! Semi-Annual & Clearance Sales

Whewww........ I'm shopped out. I hit the mall to check out the big clearance and "semi-annual" sales. First of all the mall is still hella crowded! I forgot that people are off till New Years. My unemployed butt is used to having the place to myself. I was very good and didn't lose my retail mind. I browsed the MAC counter at MACY*S, I was a good girl didn't get a thing I checked out the Dame Edna Collection, wasn't too impressed. I did score a Body by Victoria IPEX Bra for $24.99 (full price was $44). It's a boring beige but there wasn't much in the bins for the big chested ladies :( I also got some 5 for $25 undies. I feel like my undies have been disappearing lately........ I may go online later and see if I can order some clearance bras for my big ass chest online!
I got two clear large makeup bags/cases (large & medium) at Sephora. I have a huge train case for home but I out grew my other case I use to take back & forth to the bf's house. I finally got my "Beauty Insider" card. I wanted to spend more time in Sephora but my friend C isn't really interested in makeup so I didn't want to keep her in there forever. I also remember that I ordered 2 palettes from Coastal Scents which should be arriving shortly, so I didn't really need to be in Sephora. There's still a few places I fogot to visit at the mall Old Navy, Litmann Jewlerly (for charms for my Zable bracelet), and I need some jeans, but since I have nothing but time I'm sure I'll be back there soon. I'm out. I have to go to Wal-Mart (please God don't let it be a nightmare in there) to pick up a RX and look at shizz I don't need!

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