Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Wrapup

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!!! I did!! :) My thoughts are very scattered and random right now so forgive me. So the bf really wanted sheepskin slippers for Christmas this year, so I found this website that carries everything sheepskin. He really liked the slippers. Only problem is they didn't fit. He's an 11 and I ordered 11-11.5 so I have to figure out there return policy and ship them back and order the next size up!!! He loves them though they are super lush!!!!!! They have a great sole for wearing them to take the dog out or doing stuff in the garage. I love giving presents but with my current job situation (none!) I can't really give like I used too. I also renewed his subscription to Playboy because I'm just nice like that. I would definatley order from again, the slippers were $47.99+ shipping and which was cheaper than Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean, and they had all the "features" he wanted (he really, really wanted indoor/outdoor soles on them). Only thing that kinda sucks is that they are in Washington and I'm in CT and it took a long time to be delivered but I didn't fuss because they had to travel all the way across the country.

Before (he really needed replacements!)

The new ones I ordered!

Overall Christmas was good. I'm glad it's over! We got a little too merry on Christmas Eve, stayed up really late. Drove down to my parents in the morning for brunch and gifts, ( I think the Mimosas I made cured my hangover!) Then we drove back to his house and "hosted" his family 12 people for dinner. We ate and drank all day and night and played Monoply till 6am!!! I'm not drinking AGAIN, well until New Year's Eve.....
I got some really great and thoughtful gifts! His mom got me some comfy slippers and a beatiful sterling silver charm braclet (can't think of the name and I left the book at home), but you can add beads and charms to it!! My mom got my an Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box!!! She tried superhard to get me the UD Book of Shadows Palette but it's sold out everywhere and I know she tried. My momma is the kind of momma that will "go all out for her baby", she fought for a Cabbage Patch Doll for me back in the day :)

She (and Dad, but Mom does all the actaul getting) also got me gift cards to my favorite "study spots" Starbucks & Borders ($25 each), my 2009 Hello Kitty calendar! (That's a must, I have to have a Hello Kitty calendar every year or ELSE!!! (kidding, kinda....)
The lovely bf gave me $100!! Which is what I asked for. He kinda spelled my name wrong on the card!!!<--My name is not KENBALL!!! It's KENDALL!!! You'd think that after 3 years we'd have that part down. But I give him props for actually putting it in a card and not just handing it to me and saying "here's your $100 to get your hair done babe". So I'll be making an appointment with my favorite hair stylists within the next 3 weeks b/c my hair is starting to look harsh. Thank God I have remy hair extensions now so I can re-use from install to install. I'm thinking about taking this hair down and coloring it but I'm scurred!! I don't want to ruin my investment. I have some remy hair in my "hair stash" that I would be to upset if I ruined maybe I can experiment with that, but the wefts are hand-tied and I don't know if I want to experiment on it, I was stashing it for the spring/summer b/c it's a pretty light brown with golden highlights. Grandma #1 and Grandma #2 gave me for $$$$ too!!! I'm rolling in the dough! Although I have to pay some bills (booo) but I did treat myself to a "mini-haul" at Sephora on Christmas Eve. Today I went to Target to get my doggie some treats and ended up treating myself to some stuff I didn't "need". Picked up some Target brand Make-Up Cleansing Towelettes (some times I'm just too lazy to wash my face, they are also great for removing make-up mistakes, or removing eye make-up before face scrubbing! Grabbed a N.Y.C. Brow/Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown (922A) they do the job for $1.00! Got three Sonia Kashuk brushes (eyebrow/eyelash, large crease, & large angeled eye shadow) and a Sonia Kashuk roll-up brush holder!! So cute!! My brushes are a mix of Mary Kay (a very brief carrer I had, E.L.F. and some other kinds I can't identify but really like. So that's it for now I think. I'm going to go play with my stuff and catch up on my blogroll and give some love to my beatiful blogger friends. I'm sure I'll be back!

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