Sunday, November 30, 2008

Window Shopping- Over My Virtual Budget

I'm broke. I'm so broke that I'm going to go virtual window shopping. Not working SUCKS! I mean it's great I have the extra time to study and catch up on everything that I missed but unemployment doesn't get you far. My necessities are covered. I'm just lacking "fun money". So Neiman here I come. I need a LBS (little black dress) for a holiday party next Friday so lets see what I can throw together.
Juicy Couture - Tiered Party Dress $498

Mily Floral Dress- $450

Diane von Frustenburg - Velvet Goddet Dress - $525

I couldn't afford ANY of these dresses with two jobs and all my credit cards combined! Let me stop lying. When I need a dress for an occasion you can find my ass sale rack shopping in Dress Barn with a $60 dollar "budget" especially if I only plan to wear it once. Then you'll find me at Famous Footwear finding shoes to match with a $30 budget! But window shopping is FUN! I need some shoes.
Christian Louboutin - very Prive Satin Platform Pump $770.00 (I've heard from my "friend in my head" Oprah that those shoes feel like butta on your feet!

Oh, no!!! My virtual window shopping budget was $1,000. I guess Neiman Marcus isn't the place for me. I'm over budget which means no hair and no mani!!! So I'm going to Dress Barn, so their website doesn't have pics!! Which means they are cutting costs and passing the savings to me! The model on their homepage has a very obvious weave/wig thing going on.

I really need to go to bed! I had a very long day meeting my "un-in-laws". They were his father's side of the family. Everyone was really nice food was great. I'm just sooo anti-social when I first meet people especailly in "family" situations. I'm weird. It's also akward because I'm not working right now and I have to explian that to like 20 different people.
"So what do you do" "Um-er... I'm not working right now, I'm going to school". Thank god I don't look my age so can kinda get away with saying that. I mean there's nothing wrong with not working, everybody is getting layed off. I just feel weird. I wanna say "oh, me, I don't do sh!t, I sleep late, eat, nap, study for hours, eat, study, fill out 50 job applications a day & go to bed late, and I get a tiny little check from the state of CT everyweek and I live in my momma's house!"
When you say that you've been layed off people give you the look, the your a statistic of this shitty economy glad it's not me (yet) look...... Or the why don't you apply at Wal-Mart or McDonalds they are always hiring look. No one gave me those looks at the dinner thing, but it's just something I've noticed. Besides if things get really bad for me I'll apply at Target, it's more me. I'm there all the time anyways might as well get a discount. I'm done rambling.... For tonight.......

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d-dub said...

For Christmas, try the "I do marketing analysis and consulting work for various firms". It's solid enough to get folks out ur face and doesn't sound exciting enough to prompt a whole bunch of further questioning.

For example, in your post I noticed you performed some website marketing analysis after consulting Neiman Marcus and I'm sure you have some feedback to offer.

Yeah, I've been laid off/downsized before too :)

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I love it!!! It's true I do analysis markets and consulting work for various firms!! Thanks d-dub! I love my new job title!