Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm in such a foul mood!! I don't know why. I don't know what triggered it. All of a sudden I just got all frustrated and stank. It's so annoyed because I'm getting more annoyed trying to figure out what my problem is. It's definitely not hormonal or PMS. I went to the craft store, I wanted to see if they are offering any knitting or crocheting classes NOPE! So I figured I'd walk around the store, I didn't even buy anything!!! I had my books with me so I figured I'd go to Borders and study. Soon as I opened the book I wasn't interested and I couldn't concentrate. Now I'm home, annoyed that I'm home..... I don't think there's anything good coming on prime time either tonight. I think everything is repeats this week. No Gossip Girl, I just checked. I don't know what I can do to get out of this funk.... Hopefully it's a one day funk and not my usual Nov-April winter season funk. I'd go to the mall or something but I'm broke. The unemployment thing is not helping my retail game.
I have nothing against "little people" but I REALLY can't stand that show on TLC "Little People, Big World".. I think I don't like the parents, they seem to "know it all-ish". I saw Twilight today, but I'll write about my opinions on the movie when I'm in a better mood. It was really good though. I think I'm bored, overall.... I do the same thing everyday, sleep-in, bloob around, eat, study, eat, nap, study, bed. As sick as I am of really not doing much but studying I'm still far, behind in both of my classes. I'm still not out of the danger zone but I'm in a better position. I also never got around to finishing my incomplete from last semester, I need to get on that with the quickness because I cannot take Intro to Ethics again. So I think venting actually helped a bit. So here are my plans for tonight (in no particular order)
  • Find out when my INC is due
  • Look up registration deadlines for next semester
  • Shower
  • Dinner
  • Start at least one of my pending/over due assignments
  • Work on my crocheting, so far I've made a chain and that's all I can do
  • Be in a better mood
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