Friday, November 28, 2008

Hamburger Helper & M is Here

So I'm eating leftover Hamburger Helper! :) Funny part was is that I made it wrong! Cooking just isn't my thing. Well I made it right but I made the topping part wrong. I used water instead of milk. I was also making it at like 1:30am, after Rob and I got back from the ER. I may of had a little buzz.... Only him and I will come home from the ER at 1:00am and drink and continue to cook. He didn't want to WASTE the chicken!!!! He had an accident involving half frozen chicken and a sharp knife.
M, is here now :( him and Rob went fishing today funny how they never come back with any FISH. I think they go fishing for Bud Light & Sam Adams. M & I don't really get along. He's a bigot (and has admitted to it). Mind you he's BROWN SKINNED! How you gonna be racist and have BROWN skin? He's such a dumbass. I think they just keep him around b/c they've known him since they were 13 and he just wont go away. He's rude, arrogant & gross. He swears he's the smartest person in the world, yet he dropped out of high school when he was 16. He looks like a roach! He's bossy, he acts like he owns everything he touches. I could go on but I'd be wasting my breath and he's not worth it.
I'm supposed to be working on a paper for my Internet Marketing class, but I started it and it's "tricky" so I'm finding other ways to waste my time. It's Friday, is it time for Happy Hour yet?

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